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一.HIGH FIELD (GaoPeiTe) training center

Shanghai Est Information Consulting Co., Ltd organized a professional training institute: HIGH FIELD (GaoPeiTe) training center , which holds a series of target-oriented curricula to assist your business improvement.

二.HIGH FIELD features

1.Thoroughly wipe out “dumb foreign language”. We can dispel the difficulty of speaking with our unique way.
2.Encourage the globally approved and sustainable talents.
3.Business protocol training and management skill development

三.HIGH FIELD Instructors

1.We have a strong teaching team which is formed by the local and foreign instructors; even from renowned universities in Shanghai.
2.The instructors from overseas with experiences in famous international companies can improve your job career.

四.Chinese and foreign cultural exchange

1.1. Regularly organized cultural salon in various themes.
2.Regularly invite guest speakers; such as managers from famous international companies for multi-cultural exchange.

五.Corporate training

1.Language training(Japanese、English)
2.Etiquette training
 ※Service training(For Hotel)
 ※Business etiquette
 ※Communication Skills
3.Employee Training
 ※Reporting, Contacting, and Consultation
 ※Trouble shooting
 ※Time management
 ※How to reduce stress
4.Management Lecture for middle manager
 ※What is manager
 ※Performance management
 ※Team building
 ※Goal setting and management
 ※How to build corporate culture

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