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  Human resources

Human resources are the lifeline of a company. Est can help you to extricate from the arduous complexity of personnel affairs so that you may concentrate on the core strategic works, while we promote the level of your human resources and the core competitiveness.

  HR outsourcing service

Employment consultation ¡ú All that concern employment

Recruitment service ¡ú Resume screening, first interview screening

Job Training ¡ú Foreign language and work place training(including office manner and management skill)

cooperate governance ¡ú Participating personnel adjustment negotiation as HR ombudsmen.

  Institution and revision of the working regulations

Est can help you to formulate/update the employee manual abide by the Chinese laws and regulations, considering your requirement and actual situation.

  Establishment of performance assessment schemes

According to the managements¡¯ demand and the corporate culture, Est can help you to formulate your company¡¯s performance assessment scheme through on-site research and talk with staffs and managements, as well as the job descriptions, the job objective, the wage scale and so on.

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